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Tax Time: TaxACT launches mobile app

TaxACT joins H&R Block and TurboTax in launching a smartphone app for filing federal income taxes.

Filing your taxes with TaxACT

Now that we've entered all of our pertinent information into TaxACT, it's time to file. You can print and mail your tax return using the printing wizard in TaxACT or ...

The tax man cometh - TaxAct helps you file on time

April 15 Approaches and with it, the long queues at the post office, the frantic rush to find all those receipts, pay stubs, canceled checks, etc. Cheryl Poirier shows ...

Household Employee (HSH) Tax Return

How to complete a Household income Tax Return with AirPTS Desktop. Visit or Call 614-484-9313 to Purchase a copy Today.

How TurboTax Guides You Step by Step, Like a GPS Demo - TurboTax Video Wondering how TurboTax guides you step-by-step like a GPS to your maximum tax refund, guaranteed? Watch this TurboTax demo to ...

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